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Tomatoes are here! And other important news (7/18/23 newsletter)

Hey y’all!

We’ve got some exciting new items in the store this week! Cucumbers, squash and zucchini, tomatoes, peaches, lots of fresh herbs (basil, cilantro, parsley), broccoli, cauliflower, frisée, napa cabbage, blackberries… and the list goes on! Fresh herbs and hot weather call for a nice veggie dip in my opinion! A nice light snack to get you through these hot humid days… Try slicing kohlrabi or hakurei turnips to dip and, of course, peas and cukes! Here is my recipe for cream cheese veggie dip:

  • One 8 oz package of cream cheese, softened
  • ½ cup of plain skyr or yogurt
  • ½ cup of mayo (optional- adds more creaminess and cuts the tang of yogurt)
  • 2-3 scallions and/or garlic scapes, chopped
  • 1/3 cup of fresh herbs, finely chopped (I’d recommend using 2 or more! Basil, parsley, dill, mint, or whatever you have on hand!
  • Toss it all in the food processor or mix vigorously by hand until well combined!

Keep an eye out for more tomatoes and blueberries in the next week or two! It’s finally time to start pulling out those favorite summer recipes!

In Mobile Market news… I think we have worked out all the kinks in the ordering process! Here are a few tips when placing your order:

  • Only select the “Delivery” option at checkout for HOME delivery for a $5 charge
  • All other pickup locations are listed under the “Store Pickup” option. This is for free delivery to our pickup locations, or for pickup in the Hilltown (Mobile) Market Storefront at 19 Sawyer Rd. in Worthington. Be aware that there are 2 pages of location options.
  • For Golden Ticket members- when your code is applied at checkout and it shows that you owe $0.00, you still need to scroll down and click “Pay Now” for the order to be completed and sent to us!
  • For those wanting to use EBT, select “EBT/SNAP (home delivery)”, below the credit card payment box. (It can also be used for pickup at our locations, even though it says home delivery- we’re working on that!) Be sure to contact Joan at if you use this option! If you are using EBT for a home delivery, be aware that you will need another form of payment to cover the $5 delivery charge.

One last thing to mention- if anyone is looking to order in bulk (think seconds tomatoes for sauce, etc), let us know! We can get whole cases of items as long as we have a week’s notice.

As always, please reach out to us at or respond to this email with any questions!

-Hannah, Hunt, Gabriel, Brian, and Joan (The Mobile Market Team!)

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