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Mayval Farm

Mayval Farm 


Address: 149 Easthampton Rd Westhampton, MA, 01027 

Phone: 413-527-6274 


About Us

Mayval Farm is a 85 cow dairy farm on 350 acres in Westhampton, Massachusetts, which our family has operated for almost 250 years, since 1778. In 2015, we opened a farm store and creamery, where we pasteurize and bottle cream-line milk and kefir and make fresh and aged cheeses such as Fromage Blanc, cheese curds, Camembert and Skyr (similar to Greek yogurt). We sell our products at our own farm store, farmers markets and at various retail stores throughout the valley. At the farm store, we also sell our own eggs, beef and maple syrup. 


Our cows are housed in a free-stall barn and milked in a milking parlor. We grow about 100 acres of corn for silage and hay on our own and rented land.