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Fern Hill Farm

 Fern Hill Farm 

Contact: Lindsay Allen 

Address: 43 Upper st Buckland, MA, 01338 

Phone: 805-666-9700 

About Us

We are an intergenerational family farm tucked into the hills next to the Clesson Brook on the historic Robert Strong Woodward homesite in Buckland. We farm 3 acres and are focused on regenerative ways of growing food and sustaining ourselves and our community. Our vision is to grow food in an agroecologicaly sound way with climate resiliency at the forefront of our relationship with the land and how we steward it. Building deep ties to our local community and ensuring our fresh produce is accessible to all members of our community is very important to us and we are excited to be able to offer produce for the mobile market community.


We are an agroforestry based farm, practicing pesticide free farming as well as low till agriculture, transitioning to no till. We are not certified organic but consider ourselves to be beyond organic in how we farm and tend our land.
What is agroforestry? Agroforestry is the practice of integrating trees into annual crop and livestock production with the aim of capturing and utilizing the environmental and economic benefits that come from this integrated system. For us that looks like growing our annual crops in wide alleyways in between rows of nut trees and berries.