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Follow Up to the Launch of the Mobile Market!

Hi Everyone!

Mobile Market season is on! We are stacking up orders, talking with many of you, and ironing out the kinks as we go! I wanted to follow up on our last email to address a few things that have been causing a little confusion during the ordering process.

Firstly, I know some have been concerned with the low inventory showing on our website. There is more up now, and as the week goes on, and especially as the season progresses and there is more produce to be had and we know more about what you all like, we will be stocking more of everything we have and much more! It’s only week one, and still June! If there are food items you would like to see in our store feel free to let us know and we will see what we can find locally that would be an asset to the market!

In terms of the ordering process, the most common question has been how to order for delivery to our pickup locations. The ”Local Delivery” option is for home delivery only. To have your order delivered for free to one of our pickup locations throughout the Hilltowns, select “Store Pickup”, which will then show you a list of locations to choose from. There is a page 2 of these locations if you don’t see yours initially! Once you choose your location, you must enter the date for pickup (only the following Thursday should be visible and you must select that) and then you will be shown a list of times to select from. This list reflects the hours that you may pick up your order- not before and not after! You do not need to arrive at the exact time that you selected but you must arrive within the pickup window or your order will be donated without a refund! We don’t want to wear out our welcome in these partner locations!

Please reach out to us at or respond to this email with any questions you have! We included Joan’s contact in the last email for those who will be paying for their order with SNAP. Please only contact her if you are looking for help processing EBT payments! All other questions should be directed to us at the store.

Thank you for bearing with us as we maneuver the unexpected challenges of our new setup! We so appreciate your continued support as we seek for the most efficient way to run the Mobile Market so it can better serve the Hilltowns!

-Hannah, Hunt, Gabriel, Brian, and Joan (The (Mobile) Market Team)

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